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Apollo Perforated Nfp









Apollo Brick is a clay brick manufacturer selling NFP (Non-facing Plastered) and NFX (Non-facing Extra) bricks. 

They are a member of the Clay Brick Association of SA and are acutely aware of their responsibility to provide quality products to the construction industry. 

Clay bricks are durable and versatile.  They are also great to use in eco-sensitive building environments.

Apollo bricks sources clay from their property in Cape Farms, Atlantis. The clay is shaped into bricks using traditional methods, dried and fired.

They monitor the quality of the bricks during the process thus making sure that their bricks exceed SABS standards.

Apollo brick products:

NFP – Non-Face Plastered
NFP – Perforated
NFP Maxi 90 Perforated
NFX – Non Face Extra
NFX – Perforated
NFX – Maxi 90 Perforated


**NFP – Non facing plastered – bricks suitable for general building work that is to be plastered.

**NFX – Non facing extra – suitable for use both plastered and plastered for general building work below a
damp proof course or under damp conditions or below ground level.


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