Clay bricks have a long life span and durability, these benefits ensure that clay brick structures last for generations.
Bricks are from clay and water, are completely recyclable, and can ultimately be returned to Mother Earth.

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The Benefits of Building with Clay Bricks

• Acoustic Insulation

• Durability

• Ease of Use

• Energy Efficiency

• Environmentally Friendly

• Fire Resistance

• Strength

• Weatherproof

Cement bricks and blocks – This unique building products range – cement bricks and blocks – is partially made from recycled construction and demolition materials, making it energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Image of Cement Brick


The Benefits of Building with Cement Bricks

Cement bricks are generally seven and ten MPa strength and are used in all applications such as:

• Residential housing

• Walls where the wall will be plastered

• Small DIY jobs,

• Where it is unlikely that anyone will see the wall.

Using cement bricks to build your house or to extend your house is the smart way to go. Because of their strength, they last a long time. With every building built with it is likely to last longer than other buildings.