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Jenkor Brick Sales and suppliers of building products is a well established family-run business operating

in the Cape Peninsula for over 30 years. Personal service, quality and value for money are what we

render to our customers.

Jenkor’s core building services include the supply of:

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Apollo Bricks Cape Town

Affordable Brick SalesCape TownWestern Cape

Baksteen AfleweringKaapstad

Baksteen KaapstadKaapstad Suid

Baksteen Verskaffer

Bakstene Te KoopKaapstad

Best Bricks for Home Construction

Best Construction Material

Boumateriaal Kaapstad

Boumateriaal Te Koop

Brick Cape Town

Brick Deliveries Cape TownFalse BayWestern Cape

Brick ManufacturersCape TownFalse BaySouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Brick Masonry – Cape TownWestern Cape

Brick Pallet DeliveriesSalesPalletsPallets Cape TownPallets Western Cape

Brick Prices – in Cape Town

Brick Sales and Delivery

Brick Sales Cape PeninsulaCape TownSouth PeninsulaSouthern SuburbsWestern Cape

Brick SuppliersCape TownClaremontFalse BayFish HoekSouthern SuburbsSouthern Suburbs Cape TownWestern Cape

Bricks Belville BergvlietCamps BayCape TownClaremontConstantiaDiep RiverFalse BayFish Hoek  – Hout BayKreupelboschLakesideLansdowneLlandudnoMilnertonMowbrayMuizenbergNewlandsObservatoryPlumsteadPringle BayRetreatRondeboschRondebosch EastSalt RiverSouth PeninsulaSteenbergTableviewTokaiWestern CapeWettonWynberg

Bricks for SaleCape TownFalse BayFish HoekWestern CapeWest Cape

Budget Brick SalesCape TownWestern Cape

Building Bricks

Building Bricks PavingCape TownWestern Cape 

Building Bricks Sold Cape Town

Building Materials – Cape TownFalse BayFish HoekFor SaleSouthern SuburbsWestern Cape 

Building Products Cape PeninsulaCape TownFalse BayFish HoekFor SaleKalk BayMuizenbergNoordhoek South PeninsulaSouthern SuburbsWestern Cape

Building Sand – Cape TownPrices

CEL Cement PaversCape Town – Western CapeSouth Peninsula

CEL Paving Products – Cape TownWestern CapeSouth Peninsula

Cement BlocksCape TownFor Sale – Western CapeSouth Peninsula

Cement Brick SalesCape TownFalse BaySouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Cement Bricks & Blocks Cape Town

Cement Bricks and Blocks Cape Town

Cement Bricks and Blocks Western Cape

Cement Bricks For SaleCape TownWestern Cape – South Peninsula

Cement Maxi BricksCape TownFish HoekWestern Cape South Peninsula

clay brick apollo nfx

clay brick perforated nfx nfp

Clay Brick Prices

Clay Brick SalesCape TownFalse BaySouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Clay Bricks Cape TownSouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Clay Paving Brick Prices

Clay Paving Bricks – Cape TownSouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Claytile Bricks Cape TownSouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Cobble Stones Cape TownWestern Cape – South Peninsula

Cobble Stones Sales Cape Town

Community Upliftment

Construction Bricks

Construction Bricks Cape TownManufacturedSold Cape TownSouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Construction MaterialsCape TownSalesSouth PeninsulaSuppliersWestern Cape

Construction Products

Construction Sand and StoneCape Town – South PeninsulaWestern Cape

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Cowboy Builders

Decorative Stone Cape Town

Decorative Stone SuppliersCape TownWestern Cape – South Peninsula

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De Hoop Red Paver 2 – made to fix a broken link

Eco Friendly Construction

Exposed Aggregate PavingCape TownWestern Cape – South Peninsula

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How Bricks Are Made

How Cement Blocks Are Made

How to Build a Brick Wall

How To Identify a Reliable Subcontractor

Identifying a Reliable Subcontractor

Jenkor Brick and Paving Videos

Jenkor Brick ManufacturersCape TownWestern Cape – South Peninsula

Jenkor Brick Sales

Jenkor Brick Sales and Paving

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Keermuur BlokkeKaapstadWes-Kaap

Klei Baksteen KaapstadWes-Kaap

Landscaping ProductsCape TownFor sale Cape TownSouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Lime Sand SupplierCape TownSouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Natural Earth PaversCape Town – Western Cape – South Peninsula

New Bricks for Construction – Cape TownSouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Paving BricksCape TownFor Sale – Western CapeSouth Peninsula

Paving Bricks For Sale Cape TownWestern Cape

Paving Bricks South PeninsulaWestern Cape – False Bay

Paving Cape Town 

Paving CompanyCape TownFalse BaySouthern SuburbsWestern Cape

Paving ContractorsCape TownFalse BayWestern Cape

Paving DesignsCape TownSouthern Suburbs

Paving Fish HoekGalleryPrices

Paving Prices Cape TownSouth PeninsulaWestern Cape

Paving QuotesCape TownSouth Peninsula  – Western Cape

Paving SlabsCape TownFor SaleSouthern SuburbsWestern Cape


Perforated nfx BricksPrices

Plaveisel Stene KaapstadTe Koop


Cement Bricks & Blocks

Clay Bricks


Sand & Stone

Landscaping Products


Decorative Stone

Retaining Wall Blocks

Paving Bricks & Slabs

Paving Bricks


Quality Building MaterialsCape Town 

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Recent Building Projects

Recent ProjectsCape Town

Retainer BlocksFor Sale

Retaining Wall Blocks Cape Town SupplierWestern Cape

RSC Credit

Sand and CementCape TownFor SalePricesWestern Cape

Sementsteen Kaapstad

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Slabs Cape TownFor Paving

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Stone versus Brick

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The Benefits of Cement BricksClay Bricks

Types of Bricks

What makes a good brick?

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Stone Vs Bricks

Eco Friendly Construction

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How To Identify Reliable Subcontractors

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Types of Bricks

What makes a good brick?

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How To Build a Brick Arch



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